CAP437 compliant helideck light system Improves visual cueing for helicopter approaches and landings offshore


Regulation and safety demand that helidecks and helipads must be adequately lit for night flights and during daytime operations only when visibility is poor.

From 2018, the new touchdown and positioning (TD/PM) ‘circle and H’ helideck lighting system will become mandatory in British waters. Working in collaboration with the UK Civil Aviation Authority, Orga has been at the forefront of developing this new industry standard to radically improve visibility for helicopter pilots. We installed the world’s first CAP437-compliant TD/PM Circle-H system in 2012.

Our in-house research and development is a key part of our success. We work closely with our customers to continually develop our products including functionality such as day-night control, flash synchronisation, over voltage protection and comprehensive performance monitoring. And if you need training and onsite support services, we have engineers available to provide installation, commissioning and troubleshooting support.

To comply with UK CAA CAP437 Standards for Helicopter Landings you will need our complete helideck lighting range – Circle-H lighting system, perimeter lights, illuminated windsock and status lights.

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